Due to the restrictions of Covid-19, all classes in Albany, Tifton and Thomasville are suspended and will be start back as soon as we can. 

If you booked a class you should have received a refund, if not please 

contact Chef Laura at laura@italianwoodenspoon.com.

If you received a GIFT certificate, we are waving all the expiration dates

until end of the year 2020 or you can use it for one of the following Virtual Class.

At the moment we have having ONLINE VIRTUAL CLASSES with ingredients delivered

(only for Albany and Leesburg, GA)

Upcoming Events
Tue, Jun 09
Parmigiana Virtual cooking class
Eggplants Parmigiana Virtual Class
Do you want to know what's the real deal? sign up and see the original recipe of this Italian food! The package is good for preparing a meal for 3/4 people.
Thu, Jun 11
Tiramisu' Virtual class
Tiramisu' Virtual class
sign up and you'll have Ingredients delivered for making a tiramisu' for 8 people!
Tue, Jun 16
Risotto mushrooms and sausage Virtual class
Mushroom and sausage risotto Virtual Class
Sign up and you'll receive all ingredients for making a risotto for 4 people
Tue, Jun 23
Virtual Class (Albany/Leesburg del. only)
Pasta alla Carbonara - Virtual class with Ingredients delivered
Learn how to do "pasta alla carbonara" at your house with a live video from Chef Laura. The ingredients delivered will be enough to feed 4 to 6 people with a pasta alla carbonara and a bruschetta! The whole video will be recorded and can be accessed also after the class finished.
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